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Message from the Town Supervisor on Governor's Housing Proposal

As we move forward through 2023, I am proud of the great progress we have made here in the Town of Pawling, I am excited for the projects we have planned for this coming year. In addition to this, I wanted to bring to your attention something of great concern to me and what very well could effect every homeowner here in Pawling.

Governor Hochul announced in her State of the State address a plan that would impose housing on the Town of Pawling, and very well could be approved in her 2024 budget. The Governor’s Housing Compact will override local zoning decisions by essentially centralizing all zoning decisions in Albany, despite what local government and local zoning has to say. This “one size fits all” approach does not work on behalf of those who live here and simply cannot work here in Pawling.   “Home Rule” authority allows small communities, like ours, to look out for the unique needs of their Towns and if the Governor’s Housing Compact moves forward, we will lose much of that authority to protect you, the residents of Pawling. We would have to re-write our Town’s Zoning Code and disregard our own Comprehensive Plan, the Town Board and our Town land use boards would have limited ability to consider impacts to the environment, setbacks, density, parking, schools, emergency services, water and sewer, etc…