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Memorial Brick Campaign

Dear Fellow Legionnaire, fellow Veterans, Friends,

Due to the overwhelming response to our last Memorial Brick Campaign the members of Hasler-Kamp Post 215 Pawling American Legion have decided to oversee and manage another campaign, giving those of you who were unaware of our last Campaign an opportunity to purchase a brick to honor a veteran. This Memorial Brick Campaign is open to any veteran you would like to honor, residency is not a requirement to be honored.

Enclosed with this letter you will find the necessary application for a Memorial Brick. These bricks will be placed in the Veterans Memorial Plaza in the heart of Pawling Village.  This application will also be posted on The Town of Pawling Website.

The cost for each brick purchase will be $150.00 dollars.  

Each brick purchased must bear the name of a veteran being honored. Hasler-Kamp Post 215 reserves the right to reject any request/application that does not meet the strict standards of the brick acceptance/review committee. This is a program to honor a veteran, not to make a statement.

When filling out your application please print each letter, period, comma or dash clearly. This will avoid any mistakes when I submit your application.

You will notice that I placed an X in the squares NOT to be used on the application.

The application has (3) three templates for you to use for each brick you wish to purchase. If you wish to purchase more than (3) three bricks, simply make a copy of the application prior to filling it out.

All text will be centered unless otherwise noted.

Once your application is complete, please follow the mailing and payment instructions on the bottom of the application. Make your check payable to, Hasler-Kamp post 215 Brick Campaign and mail it to my address.

I have included my contact information on the bottom of the application for you in the event you have any questions. Please print all your contact information including your email address legibly so if I have any questions, I can contact you.

The deadline for submitting your application is April 30, 2024. That should give everyone interested in our campaign ample time to fill out the application.

I am looking forward to receiving your application.

For God and Country,

Lou Musella, Past Commander, Brick Chairperson